The KRVIA GeoServer hosts some of its GIS based projects done by students, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. GIS is taught through an elective at the undergraduate level, through a full course for the students of masters in Urban Design in semester-I and also through a Summer Course run by the KRVIA Design Cell Academy. Click here to see details of the Summer Course on GIS. This page includes links to projects done by the KRVIA Design Cell where GIS has been used extensively to create its own database for research purpose. This data also acts as a knowledge base for students learning GIS.

This open source platform allows us to publish data for viewing by way of interactive maps. You can click on the labelled points on the map after which an additional window will pop up. This pop-up window will allow you to interact with the map by clicking on its features and viewing its attributes below it. You can change the size of this window by expanding the options on the upper left corner.Queries can also be performed on the map to filter out certain attributes. Instructions on how to create CQL views can be seen here.

To view / select / add all the KRVIA GIS Data inside QGIS as WMS layers, click here and follow the instructions.

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